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Can I Say This At Church Podcast

Jan 28, 2018

Transcript for this Episode
Welcome to the show! If you are here I am so grateful for you...and my spouse would be even more grateful if you could make her sleep better at night. How can you do becoming part of the beloved community being developed here. Consider becoming a Patreon supporter of the show. You'll have access to many perks as well as guaranteeing the future of these conversations. 
Today we discuss the virgin birth and the incarnation of Jesus with Kyle Roberts. This is a topic that is definitely intimidating but so worthwhile. Was she or wasn't she...and does it even matter if she's a virgin. What is the lens in the #metoo and #churchtoo movements. There is much going on here. 
Kyle has written a book on this topic and it's worth every penny. Find it on Amazon. Kyle Roberts (Ph.D.) is Schilling Professor of Public Theology and the Church and Economic Life at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Roberts has published essays on Kierkegaard and modern theology, including several essays in the series Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and Resources (Ashgate / University of Copenhagen) and other collected volumes on various topics, including Pietism, Karl Barth, eschatology, and Christian spirituality. Roberts has published Emerging Prophet: Kierkegaard and the Postmodern People of God (Cascade, 2013) and has recently completed a co-authored commentary on the Gospel of Matthew (Eerdmans) and a book about the virgin birth (Fortress)
Connect with Kyle on the socials at @kyleroberts
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