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Can I Say This At Church Podcast

Jan 14, 2018

Is the Bible inerrant? This is a huge question and one that matters for our faith. If it's not what does this do for authority and how should we read it? 
Transcript for this Episode:
Guest Bio:
Jared studied under Dr. Peter Enns in the early 2000s, he was also a teaching pastor and professor near Philadelphia, teaching courses and developing curricula in philosophy, ethics, & biblical studies. In 2011 he launched a creative solutions company and in 2013 had the opportunity to partner with an old friend to launch Experience Institute, an experience-based graduate program in Chicago.

Somewhere in there dictatorial Dr. Peter Enns became a dear friend and in 2012, Jared had the privilege, with Pete, to co-author Genesis for Normal People. Now, he writes regularly on because Pete clearly needed a celebrity with a huge platform to help boost page views. Pete and Jared have also started a podcast called The Bible For Normal People, which is well worth your listen. You can follow Jared on Facebook or on Twitter at @jbyas.

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