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Can I Say This At Church Podcast

May 6, 2019

Race. Inclusion. Fear. Grace. Why do we struggle to talk about any and/or all of these? Could it be that we just don't know how? This week I sit down with Rev. Dr. Serene Jones in a deeply personal conversation about all of the above and the beautiful idea that Original Grace is entirely more important that Original Sin. 

Guest Bio: 

Rev. Dr. Serene Jones is president of the historic Union Theological Seminary in the city of New York. The first woman to head the 182-year-old institution, Jones occupies the Johnston Family Chair for Religion and Democracy. She is a past president of the American Academy of Religion. Jones came to Union after seventeen years at Yale University, where she was the Titus Street Professor of Theology at the Divinity School, and chair of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Jones is the author of several books including Trauma and Grace. She appears regularly on MSNBC, and has recently appeared on FOX News, PBS NewsHour, and has been published in The New York Times, Time, The Washington Post, and Huffington Post.

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Twitter: @SereneJones, Union:

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