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Can I Say This At Church Podcast

Oct 29, 2018

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Too many people are overwhelmed and holding onto deep suffering, unable to catch their breath in a world that tells them to fake it till they make it. As the pressure of fear, pain, anxiety, and anger build, sooner or later these individuals are going to explode that’s no way to live.

Guest Bio: 

Steve Austin was a pastor when he nearly died by suicide. A second chance, grueling recovery, and years of honest conversation allowed Steve to find healing and purpose. It’s evident in his speaking, podcasting, coaching, and Amazon bestseller, From Pastor to a Psych Ward: he helps overwhelmed people get their lives back. Steve lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife, Lindsey, and their two children. Find him online at


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Facebook, YouTube,Twitter @iamsteveaustin

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Tracks Included: Find Me Out, Bottomless, Death's Song

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