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Can I Say This At Church Podcast

Dec 18, 2017

In a follow up to the last episode and discussion on Hell in this episode we'll take another look at, another, possible theory on Hell, Annihilationism-though some have called it Conditionalism. 
We are joined by Dr. John Stackhouse; he was educated in history and religious studies at Mount Carmel Bible School at Queen’s University in Ontario, Wheaton College Graduate School in Illinois, and The University of Chicago (Ph.D.).
Formerly a professor of European history at Northwestern College in Iowa, a professor of religion at the University of Manitoba, and the Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology and Culture at Regent College (University of British Columbia), he now serves Crandall University in Moncton, New Brunswick, as the Samuel J. Mikolaski Professor of Religious Studies and Dean of Faculty Development.
John is the author of ten books, the editor of four more, serves on the editorial board for Christianity today, and is the author of over 700 articles, book chapters, and reviews in academic publications, major newspapers, and magazines. His writings range over history, sociology, philosophy, theology, ethics, and comparative religion. He has spoken throughout North America, in the United Kingdom, and in China, India, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. His commentary on religion and contemporary culture has been featured by major broadcast and print media as diverse as The New York TimesThe Atlantic, ABC News, CBC Radio, Time, and Reader’s Digest.
His new book, Why You're Here: Ethics for the Real World can be found on Amazon pick it up! The full list of publications includes:
Why You’re Here: Ethics for the Real World (Oxford University Press, 2017).
Partners in Christ: A Conservative Case for Egalitarianism (InterVarsity Press, 2015).
Need to Know: Vocation as the Heart of Christian Epistemology (Oxford University Press, 2014).
Making the Best of It: Following Christ in the Real World (Oxford University Press, 2008).
Humble Apologetics: Defending the Faith Today (Oxford University Press, 2002).
Can God Be Trusted? Faith and the Challenge of Evil (Oxford University Press, 1998; 2nd edition, InterVarsity Press, 2009).
Canadian Evangelicalism in the Twentieth Century: An Introduction to Its Character (University of Toronto Press, 1993).
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Spectral Evidence
Salem Songs
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