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Can I Say This At Church Podcast

Apr 14, 2018

Episode Transcript
Guest: Chris Date

Hell will be a topic that I don't think I will ever tire of wrestling with; and if we are truthful what happens for good or bad at an infinite level indeed does matter. So to revisit it I was honored to be able to have a discussion with Chris. 


Chris is a fellow podcaster with the Rethinking Hell podcast; if what you heard here or any of the other episodes on hell strike a note with you I encourage you too see out that show. Through the vehicle of Rethinking Hell he has organized annual conferences to discuss hell at length. He has also written a text on the topic which you can find right here: 

Is Hell Forever?:  Amazon

Connect with Chris on Twitter: @datechris as well as

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Tracks include: Praise to the Lord, It Is Well With My Soul, Benediction, and Before the Throne from the album Hymnology.

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