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Can I Say This At Church Podcast

Feb 11, 2018

Transcript for this episode
Welcome to the show. If you are here I am so grateful for you and want to invite you to become a part of the beloved community being developed here. Consider becoming a Patreon supporter of the show. You'll have access to many perks as well as guaranteeing the future of these conversations; even $1/Month goes so far as this show is 100% listener supported. 
This week I had the great pleasure of speaking with the author, blogger, and rising voice of Courtney Hall Lee. In this episode we sit down to discuss many topics. Most specifically surrounding her new book Black Madonna: A Womanist Look at Mary of Nazareth  #BLACKLIVESMATTER, what good can come from Nazareth. Courtney Hall Lee writes about theology, Christianity and spirituality. She speaks and writes about the intersections of faith, culture, and social justice.
Courtney's first book Black Madonna: a Womanist Look at Mary of Nazareth is available now on Amazon.---stop right now and go get'll be glad you did.
Courtney is a contributor at Sojourners Magazine, and her work has appeared at RELEVANT.
Connect with Courtney of Facebook, Twitter at @CourtRhapsody, and her website work at
Special Music for this episode was provided by artist Cassidy Best. Cassidy's music is a unique blend of classic and alternative rock. Specific songs featured this week are Same Old Sins and Golden Light from her latest album Can't Stay Long.
Find Cassidy's Music on iTunes as well as Spotify and her official site at as well as Facebook and Twitter, @Cassidybesteva
You can also find selections from all our episodes on our Spotify Playlist