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Can I Say This At Church Podcast

Nov 11, 2019

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Episode Transcript


I sat down with Nora and Rabbi Tarlow to have a conversation about faith and life; honestly I was so very surprised by this conversation with the questions it left me wanting to ask afterwards.

Guest Bio(s):

Nora Speakman lives to remind others that they are at their most authentic essence and to provide them a pathway and courage to live that out. She lives a life of transformation knowing that it is a lifetime process. She is the author of What Does Your Heart Beat For and currently is writing Because Small Things Matter and Jesus Was A Guy I Knew. She also hosts the Re-tell Your Story Podcast

Rabbi Tarlow was the director and rabbi of Texas A&M Hillel for thirty years. Tarlow retired on July 1, 2013, becoming its Rabbi Emeritus. Tarlow came to Texas A&M Hillel from Santiago, Chile and upon retirement he assumed the leadership of the Center for Latino – Jewish Relations. Tarlow writes a weekly bilingual social religious commentary that is read throughout the United States and Latin American and he also writes a monthly philosophy column for the Bryan Eagle. Tarlow has been a chaplain for the College Station police department since 1988 and has worked with the Bryan (Texas) Federal Prison Camp since 1987.

Episode Transcript

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