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Can I Say This At Church Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

This world, if we let it, will strip us of grace. It will distort things that are holy and this is wrong. Join Darren and I as we discuss reclaiming grace and love.
Guest Bio:
Darren Calhoun is a justice advocate, worship leader, and photographer based out of Chicago. He works to bridge connections between people of...

Jun 10, 2019

Karl and I sit down to discuss how fatherhood changes the way we view and think about God.

Guest Bio:

Karl was a bi-vocational pastor for 20 years until he suddenly realized that some things in his journey of faith needed reevaluated. He is the founder of Karl's coaching.

Music for this weeks episode is by Justin...

Jun 3, 2019


Few faiths and practices call to me more than that of Buddhism. I think you'll find this conversation between myself and Paul entirely engaging.

Guest Bio:

Paul F. Knitter is the Paul Tillich Professor of Theology, World Religions and Culture at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. A leading advocate of...

May 27, 2019

The Bible, what is it? Why is it? How is it? The canon of our Bible is a huge topic and no way in hades could we hope to go to get in depth in one convo, yet, here is a start with Tim Mackie.

Guest Bio:

Tim is a creative writer and director for The Bible Project and an adjunct professor of Old Testament at Western...

May 20, 2019

I sit down and chat about immigration in our country and how possibly our "Biblical" view of "other" may need to shift; with Karen Gonzalez.

Guest Bio:

Karen Gonzalez is a native of Guatemala and immigrated to the U.S. as a child. She is speaker, writer and immigrant advocate, who lives in Baltimore, MD. Karen is the...